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With 25+ years of industry experience, INKLESS makes laser tattoo removal simple, supportive, and affordable, all while utilizing the absolute best PicoWay technology on the planet. We are the tattoo removal experts, expert!

INKLESS was founded by native Coloradans with a combined 75+ years of laser aesthetic experience and have been providing and teaching laser tattoo removal services for over 25 years. Our pioneering contributions and research to the LTR industry have significantly paved the way for clients to achieve the most effective treatment to treatment results found anywhere in the industry. Utilizing the state-of-the-art, multi-wavelength PicoWay® System, we can successfully treat and customize treatment protocols to address a full spectrum of tattoo styles, pigment colors, and skin types.


We firmly believe that laser tattoo removal should be accessible, supportive, and affordable for everyone. That’s why we are proud to be the first clinic in Colorado to offer easy and convenient flat fee pricing. Gone are the days of subjective sizing, confusing treatment packages, pushy sales, or risky financing options. INKLESS makes it simple, easy, and affordable, while using the best technology on the planet!

Falt Fee

Flat Fee Pricing


Safe & Highly Effective Tattoo Removal for an Accessable Price

The cost of Laser Tattoo removal has always been a primary factor for most clients who are looking to have a tattoo removed or faded for cover up. Inkless Flat fee pricing can be an affordable alternative to the traditional sales tactics, messy packages, or risky financing options used by the larger chains. Tattoo removal should be customizable and affordable because there are so many factors and treatment variables that vary from client to client.


Flat Fee pricing and breaking larger tattoos up into smaller sections makes it more affordable and will immensely improve the following:


Develop better treatment to treatment results

Improve lymphatic health & efficiency

Will shorten visit times & reduce pain exposure

Decreases the possibility of having an adverse reaction

Allows us to treat different areas more frequently

And all treatments are priced between $199 to $299 per visit!

*Special pricing for Extra-Small tattoos or those treating multiple areas

Recent Results


This highly advanced lasing device offers the most efficient and safest results in the industry. With its multi-wavelength features and wide array of features; combined with Inkless’s own proprietary treatment protocols you are sure to have a truly honest and amazing experience.


At our offices we will utilize the 1064nm Pico Pulsed wavelength to proficiently reduce heavy black line work and shading, while the 532nm Pico wavelength can tackle any pigments in the red, pink, and orange spectrums. And if you have a little green or blue in your tattoo, there's great news because the newest 730nm and 785nm Pico wavelengths are removing these colors at a faster rate than ever before!


About Us

Lorenzo Kunze II, CLS/MLS: Clinic Owner

Lorenzo is the lead instructor and owner of the International Laser Academy, where he’s had the great privilege of teaching and mentoring thousands of students during his 25+ year career in the laser aesthetic industry. He’s helped develop highly efficient treatment protocols and consulted for every major laser manufacturer. Lorenzo has also served as clinic director, consultant, and support system for some of the most successful tattoo removal clinics in the US, Canada, & Europe. Lorenzo was born in Colorado, where his grandmother Helen Kunze opened her first aesthetic business over 85 years ago and his father developed the first laser school where they worked together to set the standard for laser certification.

Jeff Garnett, CLO: Clinic Owner

Jeff was co-founder of the Clean Slate Laser Group which started in 2012. Jeff and his team were able to transition a single clinic into the largest and most successful tattoo removal company on the east coast with 7 independent locations and treating thousands of unwanted tattoos. Jeff is highly respected and trusted by some of the best tattoo artist in the world and has been a supportive mentor to a wide range of medical professionals in the laser tattoo removal industry.

Lorenzo Kunze Sr: Clinic Director

Lorenzo’s bio and contributions to the laser aesthetic industry would take chapters to document. He has been a visionary, laser specialist on a 100+ devices, and is cemented as a world-renowned educator in the field. He’s a Colorado native with 45+ years of industry experience and has been an owner and/or consultant to more than thirty (30) privately-owned clinics nationwide. He currently specializes in client relations, clinic management, consulting, and coaching our amazing techs!

Martha Jimenez Kunze  Chief Financial Officer

Martha Jimenez Kunze has partnered with her husband Lorenzo Sr. to develop one of the most recognizable laser clinics and training schools here in Colorado. While also holding senior management rolls for some of the largest companies in the financial services and technology industries. From an operational perspective, she has negotiated and purchased 100+ lasers and has been the backbone of her family’s multiple business ventures.  

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