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The Art of Tattoo Removal

With 25+ years of tattoo removal experience, INKLESS makes laser tattoo removal simple, supportive, and affordable! We offer a great opportunity to utilize the absolute best PicoWay technology on the planet, along with customized protocols, and flat fee pricing.


Experience you can trust at a price you can afford! 

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INKLESS was founded by an accomplished team of industry professionals with a combined 75+ years of laser aesthetic experience. Lorenzo Kunze II, CLS/MLS & Jeff Garnett, CLO have been educating and providing laser tattoo removal services for over 25 years. Our pioneering contributions and research to the LTR industry have significantly paved the way for clients to achieve the most effective treatment to treatment results found anywhere in the industry. Utilizing Candela Medicals state-of-the-art, multi-wavelength PicoWay® System, we can successfully treat and customize treatment protocols to address a full spectrum of tattoo styles, pigment colors, and skin types.


We firmly believe that laser tattoo removal should be accessible, supportive, and affordable for everyone and all budgets. This is why we are proud to be the first clinic in Colorado to offer easy and convenient 1-2-3 Flat Fee pricing. Gone are the days of subjective sizing, confusing treatment packages, pushy sales, or risky financing options with high interest rates. INKLESS makes it extremely simple, easy, and affordable, while using the best technology and protocols on the planet!

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This highly advanced lasing device offers the most efficient and safest results in the industry. With its multi-wavelength features and wide array of features; combined with Inkless’s own proprietary treatment protocols you are sure to have a truly honest and amazing experience.


At our offices we will utilize the 1064nm Pico Pulsed wavelength to proficiently reduce heavy black line work and shading, while the 532nm Pico wavelength can tackle any pigments in the red, pink, and orange spectrums. And if you have a little green or blue in your tattoo, there's great news because the newest 730nm and 785nm Pico wavelengths are removing these colors at a faster rate than ever before!


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Affordable Pricing

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Highly Effective Tattoo Removal
Affordable Pricing

The cost of PicoWay laser treatments has always been a primary factor for those looking to have their tattoo fully removed, faded, or covered up. Especially when they want to be treated with the best technology on the planet. That’s why Inkless has created a simple and affordable pricing structure to meet each clients needs. It’s an affordable alternative to the traditional sales tactics commonly used in our industry. NO MORE confusing packages, interest based financing options, or really expensive “unlimited” contracts. Every first treatment is priced at $100 to prove our high level of expertise; and the price per treatment drops if your tattoo takes more than eight treatments to remove. Inkless makes tattoo removal accessible to all budgets and always provides an honest representation of cost and expected results.



MICRO - $100/session (the size of a quarter)

SMALL - $200/session (up to the size of a cell phone)

MEDIUM/LARGE - $300/session (Up to the size of 2 cell phones)
EXTRA LARGE - $400/session (Up to the size of 3 cell phones)

  *Ask about our 8-Treatment Guarantee 
  *Regardless of size, your first session is only $100!

  *Additional discounts for multiple tattoos & XL sized tattoos




If you would like an official per treatment price and sizing for your tattoo, please click the ”Get Price Quote” button below and we will have one of our experts contact you directly. This process allows us to fully evaluate your tattoo and its very specific treatment variables.


* For safety, efficacy, budgeting, & customer convenience most treatments will be scheduled in 6-10 week intervals.


*Inquire about discounted pricing for full sleeves, full backs, & full front tattoos.  

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