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Tattoo Removal:
Frequently Asked Questions

    The cost of PicoWay laser treatments has always been a primary factor for those looking to have their tattoo fully removed, faded, or covered up. That’s why Inkless created the 1-2-3 Flat Fee pricing structure. It’s an affordable alternative to the traditional sales tactics commonly used in our industry. NO MORE confusing packages, risky financing options, or crazy expensive “unlimited” treatment contracts. 1-2-3 Flat Fee is accessible to all budgets and an honest representation of cost. Due to the wide range of treatment variables that vary from client to client, we believe that tattoo removal should be safe, customizable, affordable, and easy to understand. That’s why our per treatment prices are now listed at: $100 for Small Tattoos $200 for Medium Tattoos $300 for Large & XL Tattoos Our flat fee pricing structure makes it extremely affordable for all areas of the body, tattoo sizes. and even heavily saturated or cover-up tattoos. We also offer a price reduction for tattoos that are on their last stage of the removal process, so the per treatment price could get even more affordable as your tattoo is fading away. If you would like an official per treatment price and sizing for your tattoo, please click the ”PRICE” button in our menu and we will have one of our experts contact you directly. This process allows us to fully evaluate your tattoo and its very specific treatment variables. * For safety, efficacy, budgeting, & customer convenience most treatments will be scheduled in 6–10 week intervals. *Inquire about discounted pricing for full sleeves, full backs, & full front tattoos
    Yes, we do remove cosmetic tattoos and they tend to be one of the easiest types of tattoos to remove with very few treatments. This includes tattoos on the eyebrows, lips, freckles, and SMP scalp micro-pigmentation. Our advanced laser technology allows us to safe and efficiently remove most types of cosmetic tattoos, but our experienced technicians will still need to do a full evaluation of the area, mainly skin type, and the type of pigment used in applying the tattoos. This evaluation will help us to determine treatment eligibility and to develop a personalized protocol that meets your specific needs and goals.
    Traditionally, the hardest colors to remove WERE greens, purples, and blues. This is because lasers need something to attract to and some lighter or blended colors tend to reflect light or have reduced absorptions of light. But times, and technology have changed dramatically; and with our proprietary protocols, the use of Candelas PICOWAY system, and the use of their highly advanced 730nm and the 785nm wavelength attachments, we are making the removal of green and blue one of our easiest colors to get results with. These colors used to take 12 to 15 treatments and we are now able to see complete removed in a range of 2-5 treatments. The easiest color to remove is any tattoo in the red spectrum using the 532nm pico-based wavelength. This is because we have red tones in our skin, and this color sits very high in the dermis. We also have a very high success rate with dark gray and black tattoos, which will absorb the lasers pico-based 1064nm wavelength at a high rate. Think about wearing a black shirt in the summer heat, this color absorbs the most amount of light and heat. The absolute hardest color to remove is yellow. This color reflects light and the tattoo removal industry currently does not have a wavelength that can attach to it with a high success rate. Plus it settles deep into the dermis due to it being made of cadmium, which is a very heavy element. Combine that with artist application practices; heavily packing yellow ink into the skin so that it shows bright in/on the skin. This combination of variables makes the color yellow extremely difficult to get full removal results. The only good thing is that once all of the surrounding colors have been removed it’s not very noticeable once lighted.
    First, tattoos are designed to be as permanent as possible. The application process will normally involve professional tattoo pigments and devices that are specially designed to deposit colored pigments into the dermis (second layer of skin) where they are packed in and protected from the elements. When a tattoo is applied and healed the pigment molecules are too large for the body to remove organically and they will settle while still being visible through the epidermis (top layer of skin). In order to dehydrate and break up these very large molecules, we must use very specific wavelengths of light and energy to target and absorb into the different colors of the tattoo. Lasing devices like the highly advanced Candela PICOWAY, will utilize multiple wavelengths (1064, 785, 730, and 532 nanometers) to provide full spectrum removal on all tattoo colors, and on all skin types. If you have a multi-colored tattoo and the laser being used on you only has two of the four wavelengths listed, the chances of full removal are doubtful and it’s going to take a lot of treatments with minimal results. With our custom protocols and Candela’s pico-pulsed technology we can deliver ultra-short pulses of light/energy into the targeted area, while breaking up the tattoo particles into extremely tiny particles that are now easy for the body to digest and metabolize. This ultra-fast delivery of concentrated high-powered energy leaves the un tattooed areas and the epidermis completely intact, unbothered, and healthy during the internal healing process. Technology has come a long way in the last 25 years, so always make sure that your clinic is using the most advanced protocols and devices available.
    Once the laser stops being applied to the skin, any pain experienced will subside, and you are left with a mild warming and tenderness for the next 2-5 days. Any post treatment tenderness will feel like a mild bruise or prolonged sun exposure. After a few days the top layer of the skin (epidermis) will look fully healed, but it’s important to keep in mind that the internal dermis layer can take 4-6 weeks to fully heal. This is why we provide each client with an aftercare bag filled with enough supplies to care and handle anything that can happen during the healing process. We highly recommend that all clients avoid: - Exposing the Area to Heat - Extended Sunlight Exposure - Friction - Soaking in Hot Water - Saunas - Hot Yoga - Over Bandaging With our Pico technology/protocols we never break the skin and only leave the heat in the skin for one/one-thousand of a second, which is an extremely short amount of time which means less tissue damage, shorter healing cycle, and better results.
    Laser tattoo removal done properly should NEVER SCAR because we never break the skin, and our protocols are designed to only attract to the tattoo and avoid the healthy tissue. If the area is properly cared for and the client is following all post care instructions, they should see the external area healed in 1-3 days with no complications. Understand that a treated tattoo can take 4-6 weeks to heal internally. So, we highly recommend that all clients avoid: - Exposing the Area to Heat - Extended Sunlight Exposure - Friction - Soaking in Hot Water - Saunas - Hot Yoga - Over Bandaging With our advanced protocols and PicoWay technology we use an extremely shot pulse of light that only leaves heat in the skin for one trillionth of a second per pulse. This method reduces exposure and trauma to the area while giving great results. Most scarring caused by laser tattoo removal is the result of clinics using old technology, old protocols, not being properly trained/certified, or they are using small tabletop lasers purchased from China.
    YES, but it’s a very manageable situation, and most treatments are extremely quick (a few seconds to 10 minutes at the most). Once the laser stops being applied, the pain will subside, and you are left with a mild warming and tenderness for the next 2-5 days. Any post treatment tenderness will feel like a mild bruise or prolonged sun exposure. Different areas of the body can be more painful than others, so we always use a Zimmer Cryo device that blows a high volume of subzero cryogenically cooled air onto the treated area for a reduction in pain. For those areas that are more sensitive than others we also have a high-grade numbing cream, medical grade ice packs, and we can also take short breaks in-between pulses to keep the area extremely cold before continuing treatment. Keep in mind that the pain felt can be intensified if the client is sick with the cold/flu, recovering from surgery, recovering from a night of heavy drinking, or our those just starting or finishing their menstruation cycle. So don’t forget to schedule accordingly for pain management & treatment efficacy!
    Yes, absolutely! It’s something we specialize in, and we love working with artist to make sure that each client gets a tattoo that they will love. Tattoo lightening is a great option for those who want to get a cover-up tattoo, but don't want to compromise the design, size of cover-up, ink saturation, or placement on the body. Our laser technology and protocol can safely and effectively lighten all tattoos by targeting the ink pigments in your skin, breaking them down and allowing your body to naturally eliminate them. We never break the skin, so healing is a breeze, and your artist will have a clean slate/canvas to work with. Most clients only need 2-5 sessions (based on artist recommendation) to start the new cover-up tattoo. We also recommend that each client wait between 6-12 weeks after their last laser treatment. If you are interested in lightening a tattoo for cover-up, please let your technician know what your timeline is and if you know what style/type of tattoo you want for the cover-up. If you do not have a tattoo artist or style picked out, we would be happy to recommend a great local artist from our list of trusted providers.
    Yes, all skin types can be treated and Lorenzo one of our co-founders has specialized in treating darker and ethnic skin for last 25 years. Treating colors like green and blue do have limitations when treating clients who are bi-racial or have darker skin types (Latino, Native/Indigenous, Middle Eastern, Indian, African American, Jamaican, Haitian, South American, and Filipino). This is due to having a higher saturation of melanin or underlying melanin where the laser targets the tattoo pigment. If you are bi-racial or have a darker skin type we can safely and successfully treat all black, brown, and gray tattoos with efficiency. Red, pink, oranges, and yellows on bi-racial or darker skin types will be evaluated and require a test spot to secure safety protocols. If you are a lighter skin type, we have every wavelength and protocol to treat all colors of tattoo pigment. If you would like a full evaluation of your skin type, please feel free to message us direct and we would be happy to schedule a Zoom or FaceTime consultation at your convenience.
    Most treatments can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5-10 minutes of actual lasering. Our PicoWay laser has the ability to pulse at 1-10 pulses per second and the beam is 2mm-10mm wide. This means that we can move over the tattoo like a large eraser, which is much different than a tattoo artist who's using a small needle or group of needles with multiple passes to saturate the area. Even if we need to take small breaks for comfort or adjustments the treatments are surprisingly quick and once the laser stops the felt will subside to a mild tenderness. If you’ve already had a consultation with one of our experts via phone, Zoom, FaceTime or in person; you can expect to be at the clinic for 15-30 minutes. During that time we will address all of your tattoo variables, treatment settings used for that specific stage of the removal process, prep the area provide treatment and finish with bandaging, aftercare instructions and rescheduling.
    It’s extremely important to see how your body responds to treatment before estimating a specific number of visits. If a client comes back after their first visit and the tattoo has reduced by 10-25%, we are going to be on track and closer to a lower number of treatments needed. And, if it’s moving slower, around 5-10% post first treatment heal, then we will start to adjust homecare and the time between treatments/recovery time to minimize adverse reactions, the number of treatments needed, and budget. HONEST EXPECTATIONS and understanding your tattoos variables are ESSENTIAL! Any clinic or tech can make you a guesstimation of 7-14 treatments, which isn’t very helpful. Our goal here at INKLESS is to be completely honest, extremely informative, and never give you a guess. Every individual and tattoo are very different from one another. And things like ink saturation, application scaring, immune deficiencies, area of the body, and overall health could affect the number treatments needed. Here at INKLESS, we will look at all variables of your tattoo, then give you options of full removal, cover-up, or in some cases we it might be an untreatable tattoo due to ink allergy, health concerns, or the clients expectation of full removal. We would rather you make the right choice before being treated!
    There are many options for pain management. The most utilized options are medical grade ice packs and a popular device called the CryoZimmer. The Zimmer blows a high concentration of cryogenically cooled air at -14° degrees Fahrenheit. This method of pain management will provide a 10% to 25% reduction in pain and is used throughout the lasering process. It will not alleviate the pain completely, but it does make for a more comfortable treatment experience and its highly recommended. The Zimmer can also be used in combination with our proprietary numbing cream, which consists of a high-grade benzocaine, lidocaine, tetracain combination. If you decide to use an over-the-counter 4-5% lidocaine product like Zensa or PainlessTattooCo, we strongly advise that its applied a minimum of 45-60 minutes before treatment. This will maximize the numbing effects. At the end of the day, any and all numbing creams will prohibit blood flow in the area and limit the pain response your body needs to give the area its full attention. The body will also have to digest the product, along with the tattoo pigment that we’ve broken up with the laser. This may limit the initial results or add a treatment or two to the removal process. It’s in the best interest of a client to complete treatments without the use of any numbing cream (especially the FIRST treatment when the tattoo is at its most saturated), but we do not prohibit them at all. Every client should be able to make a choice about how comfortable they want their treatments to be.

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