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Inkless was established to reinvent the laser tattoo removal experience. Through their many years of dedicated service, Lorenzo & Jeff envisioned a better way to offer great results, while also providing each client with an educational, supportive, and honest experience. With their combined expertise, great mentorship, and access to the best technologies in the world, Inkless was founded.  

Lorenzo Kunze II, CLS/MLS

INKLESS Co-Founder

Along with being an Inkless Co-Founder, Lorenzo is also the lead instructor and owner of the International Laser Academy, where he’s had the great privilege of teaching and mentoring thousands of students during his 25+ year career in the laser aesthetic industry. He’s helped develop highly efficient treatment protocols and consulted for every major laser manufacturer. Lorenzo has also served as clinic director, consultant, and support system for some of the most successful tattoo removal clinics in the US, Canada, & Europe. Lorenzo was born in Colorado, where his grandmother Helen Kunze opened her first aesthetic and electrology based business over 85 years ago and his father later developed the first aesthetic laser training program where they worked together to set the standards for laser hair removal, tattoo removal, and laser based skin rejuvenation procedures. 


Jeff Garnett, CLO

INKLESS Co-Founder

Jeff Garnett is an avid tattoo collector who’s had an integral role in developing some of the biggest brands in the tattoo removal industry. In 2012 Jeff and his team opened the first Clean Slate Laser where they were able to transition a single clinic into one of the largest tattoo removal companies on the east coast. They were extremely successful at treating thousands of unwanted tattoos, while working closely with several pro-bono programs and building 7 independent locations. In 2021 his company was acquired by a large chain where he held the position of Chief Development Officer. During his time in that position, he established several highly effective programs to help first responders and military personal. Jeff remains a highly respected and trusted friend to some of the best tattoo artist in the world, while also being a supportive mentor to a wide range of medical and non-medical professionals in the laser tattoo removal industry.


Lorenzo Kunze Sr.

Clincal Advisor

Lorenzo Sr. is a Colorado native with 45+ years of industry experience and his biography of contributions to the laser aesthetic industry would take many chapters to document. He was the founder of the World's First Laser College in 1996 where he taught over 15,000 professionals world-wide and has cemented himself as a world-renowned educator in the field. He has become proficient with 100+ devices and has been an owner and/or consultant to more than thirty (30) privately-owned clinics nationwide. Lorenzo currently volunteers his time as a consultant to Chromos, Inc., MarLō Skin, and we are extremely privileged to have him as our in-house laser guru and mentor. He is truly a pioneer in the laser industry, and he enjoys sharing his many years of experience and knowledge to those who want to learn.   

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Martha Jimenez Kunze


In 1996 Martha Jimenez Kunze partnered with her husband Lorenzo Kunze Sr. to develop one of the most recognizable laser clinics and training centers in the industry. While also holding senior management rolls for some of the largest companies in the financial services and technology industries, Martha has established herself as trusted professional in multiple fields and is well know for her honest and thorough approach to business. From an operational perspective, she assists in every aspect of our growth, negotiations, finance, and as our CFO she is the backbone of our management team. We are grateful to have her many years of experience & tutelage!

Over the last 25 years we’ve played a significant role in removing bad stigmas that were once associated with this procedure. Now is the time to take it to the next level, and we do that by designing result driven protocols that are modified to address each of our client’s individual tattoo variables; while also offering five start customer service at an affordable rate. Here at Inkless we are only as good as the results we provide and the way we make you feel, so we will always go above and beyond to serve you best.


L. Kunze II, CLS/MLS

Inkless Co-Founder

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