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Does Laser Tattoo
Removal Hurt?


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Laser tattoo removal is painful, but it’s a very manageable situation, and most treatments are extremely quick (a few seconds to 10 minutes at the most). Once the laser stops being applied, the pain will subside, and you are left with a mild warming and tenderness for the next 2-5 days. Any post treatment tenderness will feel like a mild bruise or prolonged sun exposure. Different areas of the body can be more painful than others, so we always use a Zimmer Cryo device that blows a high volume of subzero cryogenically cooled air onto the treated area for a reduction in pain. For those areas that are more sensitive than others we also have a high-grade numbing cream, medical grade ice packs, and we can also take short breaks in-between pulses to keep the area extremely cold before continuing treatment. Keep in mind that the pain felt can be intensified if the client is sick with the cold/flu, recovering from surgery, recovering from a night of heavy drinking, or our those just starting or finishing their menstruation cycle. So don’t forget to schedule accordingly for pain management & treatment efficacy!

Give INKLESS a try and start your tattoo removal journey for $100 dollars on your first treatment. No gimmicks, no locked in packages or commitments, just a chance for us to PROVE our high quality service and results!


* Inkless Tattoo Removal prices can range between $100-$300 (max) per treatment. All prices are based on the size of each tattoo.


* We also offer special pricing for clients w/ Multiple Tattoos, Micro Tattoos, XXL Tattoos, Full Sleeves, and Cosmetic Tattoos (SMP, Micro-pigmentation, Microblading, etc).


Fill out the form below, and an INKLESS tattoo removal expert will contact you within 24 hours to answer any questions that you might have about laser, results, or pricing structures. Please include a brief description and photo of the unwanted tattoo.

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