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How Many Treatments are Required?


It’s extremely important to see how your body responds to treatment before estimating a specific number of visits. If a client comes back after their first visit and the tattoo has reduced by 10-25%, we are going to be on track and closer to a lower number of treatments needed. And, if it’s moving slower, around 5-10% post first treatment heal, then we will start to adjust home care and the time between treatments/recovery time to minimize adverse reactions, the number of treatments needed, and budget. HONEST EXPECTATIONS and understanding your tattoos variables are ESSENTIAL!


Any clinic or tech can make you a guesstimation of 7-14 treatments, which isn’t very helpful. Our goal here at INKLESS is to be completely honest, extremely informative, and never give you a guess. Every individual and tattoo are very different from one another. And things like ink saturation, application scaring, immune deficiencies, area of the body, and overall health could affect the number treatments needed.


Here at INKLESS, we will look at all variables of your tattoo, then give you options of full removal, cover-up, or in some cases we it might be an untreatable tattoo due to ink allergy, health concerns, or the clients expectation of full removal. We would rather you make the right choice before being treated!

Give INKLESS a try and start your tattoo removal journey for $100 dollars on your first treatment. No gimmicks, no locked in packages or commitments, just a chance for us to PROVE our high quality service and results!


* Inkless Tattoo Removal prices can range between $100-$300 (max) per treatment. All prices are based on the size of each tattoo.


* We also offer special pricing for clients w/ Multiple Tattoos, Micro Tattoos, XXL Tattoos, Full Sleeves, and Cosmetic Tattoos (SMP, Micro-pigmentation, Microblading, etc).


Fill out the form below, and an INKLESS tattoo removal expert will contact you within 24 hours to answer any questions that you might have about laser, results, or pricing structures. Please include a brief description and photo of the unwanted tattoo.

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