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Easiest & Hardest Colors To

Inkless Full Spectrum Tattoo Removal

Traditionally, the hardest colors to remove WERE greens, purples, and blues. This is because lasers need something to attract to and some lighter or blended colors tend to reflect light or have reduced absorptions of light. But times, and technology have changed dramatically; and with our proprietary protocols, the use of Candelas PICOWAY system, and the use of their highly advanced 730nm and the 785nm wavelength attachments, we are making the removal of green and blue one of our easiest colors to get results with. These colors used to take 12 to 15 treatments and we are now able to see complete removed in a range of 2-5 treatments.


The easiest color to remove is any tattoo in the red spectrum using the 532nm pico-based wavelength. This is because we have red tones in our skin, and this color sits very high in the dermis.


We also have a very high success rate with dark gray and black tattoos, which will absorb the lasers pico-based 1064nm wavelength at a high rate. Think about wearing a black shirt in the summer heat, this color absorbs the most amount of light and heat.


The absolute hardest color to remove is yellow. This color reflects light and the tattoo removal industry currently does not have a wavelength that can attach to it with a high success rate. Plus it settles deep into the dermis due to it being made of cadmium, which is a very heavy element. Combine that with artist application practices; heavily packing yellow ink into the skin so that it shows bright in/on the skin. This combination of variables makes the color yellow extremely difficult to get full removal results. The only good thing is that once all of the surrounding colors have been removed it’s not very noticeable once lighted.

Give INKLESS a try and start your tattoo removal journey for $100 dollars on your first treatment. No gimmicks, no locked in packages or commitments, just a chance for us to PROVE our high quality service and results!


* Inkless Tattoo Removal prices can range between $100-$300 (max) per treatment. All prices are based on the size of each tattoo.


* We also offer special pricing for clients w/ Multiple Tattoos, Micro Tattoos, XXL Tattoos, Full Sleeves, and Cosmetic Tattoos (SMP, Micro-pigmentation, Microblading, etc).


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