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$100 Treatment
Tattoo Studio Refferal Program 


Fill out the form below, and an INKLESS expert will contact you within 24 hours to answer any questions you might have about the process or pricing. Please include the name of the tattoo studio who referred  you, along with a photo and brief description of the unwanted  tattoo.

​​Here at Inkless we believe so much in our 5-star customer service and results driven protocols that we are currently offering everyone a chance to experience INKLESS tattoo removal for the very low price of $100 on your first visit.


No confusing gimmicks, legal contracts, or pricy packages to lock you in for an unknown number of unlimited treatments. This is just our chance to PROVE our level of expertise at a great introductory rate.

Along with your $100 introductory price, you will also receive a free consultation where one of our experts will provide you with a thorough breakdown of your tattoo’s variables and expected results. If are you unhappy with any of your tattoos and looking for full removal or have ink that needs to be lightened for a cover-up, click the link below and one of our experts will reach out to discuss your treatment options.


We are absolutely convinced that once you experience INKLESS you will never go anywhere else for your tattoo removal needs.

Complementary Tattoo Assessment & Price Quote

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$100 tattoo removal session. 

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